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Wheel Drilling Jumbo DW2-100
Wheel Drilling Jumbo DW2-100

Wheel Hydraulic Drilling Jumbo


1. Coverage Area(W*H)m: 4.5*4.5m-12.86*8.96m(Boom)

4.5*4.5m-8.06*6.8m(Small arm).

2. America Sauer-Danfoss hydraulic direct control system.

3. Engine for tramming, electric for Rock drill working.

4. France Montabert Rock Drill HC50 for standard.

5. America HELAC Rotary Actuator.

6. Telescopic Boom.

7. Cable Reel.

Main Technical Parameter

Description of Wheel Drilling Jumbo DW2-100

Applied to mining and tunneling, such as Metal mine, Hydro-power tunnel, Railway, Highway, National Defense and other underground areas. Hydraulically controlled with one boom. Drill speed could reach 0.8-2 m/min and diesel engine drive the tyre-carrier traveling. Available with a variety of tunneling machines to suit customer requirements.

Hydraulic Control System

Sauer-Danfoss hydraulic direct control system, with Auto anti-jamming function Rotation Pressure Controlled Feed(RPCF), Auto stop. Impact, Swing and propel with their own hydraulic pump. Low pressure and High flow hydraulic system, with High drilling speed and Low drilling tools consumption. Varied safety warnings are provided, with High usability and Safety.

Rock Drill

France Montabert hydraulic rock drill for high hardness rock, with high drilling speed, low drilling tools consumption and low failure rate.

Rotary Actuator

America HELAC Rotary Actuator with high torque, high bearing, fits tight spaces, high anti-pollution, long durability.

Double Tripod Suspension Hydraulic Boom

Hydraulic boom with double tripod suspension for accurate hydraulic parallel holding in all directions; Direct, fast, Easy operation, Good accuracy and Accurate positioning between holes.

Telescopic Boom

Make up of the angle when drilling the hole of bottom and top, thus no blind angle left.

Option Equipment:

Rock Drill Options - Montabert drifter HC109.

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