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Crawler Drilling Jumbo DT1-14
Crawler Drilling Jumbo DT1-14

Crawler Drilling Jumbo


1. Coverage area (width×height) m: 2*2~4.3m*3.5m (standard arm) 2*2~4.65*3.75m(lengthed arm).

2. America Sauer-Danfoss hydraulic control system.

3. Square hydraulic translation boom.

4. Standard configure with France Monterbat hydraulic drifter HC25.

5. America HELAC Rotary cylinder.

6. Cable reel.

7. The oil tank is at high position.

8. The whole equipment of design is modularization.

9. It is equipped FOPS safety ceiling which can be up and down, and it is easy to remove.

Main Technical Parameter

Description of Crawler Drilling Jumbo DT1-14

DT1-14 adopts explosion proof design, can apply to the excavation drilling in the coal mine, metal mining, hydro power tunnel and other underground tunnels. The drilling speed is 0.8-2 meter per minutes.

The mechanical parallel boom can make sure the feeding beam parallel fully. It can locate the hole position directly, quickly and accurately. All the holes are parallel, people do not need to correct. It is easy to operate, and can improve the quality of blasting.

Adopts hydraulic Turbine reducer and spiral swing cylinder to form cross steering joint, so there is no blind angle in any angles of the tunnel face, top, side and bottom of the tunnel section.

Standard model is equipped with France Montabert hydraulic rock drill for high hardness rock, with high drilling speed, low drilling tools consumption and low failure rate. Imported America HELAC Rotary Actuator with high torque, high bearing, fits, tight spaces, high anti-pollution, long durability.

Cable reel, flexible traveling forward and backward, automatic cable retracting and releasing, save manpower and material resources, improve security greatly.

Adopt drilling control system and manual four direction handle to control directly two pairs of parallel cylinder to make the boom move translation. It is equipped with anti jamming function and gradually pressure boost system, which makes it work more stably, reduce the drilling bits consumption.

The oil tank is at high position. It can keep cleanliness of oil and reduce the risk of hydraulic system failure.

The design of whole machine is strong. The machine is small and with compact structure, Low center of gravity, flexible, single power, low energy consumption, low noise, which can improve working environment and improve construction efficiency and quality.

(Remarks: According to the mining condition, there is explosion proof and non explosion proof type.)

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