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Wheel Mucking Loader LWT-150
Wheel Mucking Loader LWT-150

Tyre Type Mucking Loader With Scraper


1. Area coverage(Width*Height): 3.5×3.5m.

2. German relex hydraulic system.

3. Pilot control.

4. Diesel engine for 4Wheel driving, electric motor for excavating and conveying work.

5. Adopts solid anti-cutting rubber tyre.

6. Cable reel.

Main Technical Parameter

Description of Wheel Mucking Loader LWT-150

The only big size tyre type mucking loader with scraper in China is a mining equipment with continuous production and high efficiency. It is mainly used for underground tunnel, such as metal mining, hydro power project and so on. The main function is gathering all kinds of project rock material, then conveying and loading. The advantages of tyre type mucking loader is its fast traveling speed and flexibility, which makes it work among different cross sections. This machine adopts imported hydraulic system, the German Relex. The action is realized by pilot control. It is easy to operate. It works through electric motor. It combines excavation, gathering, conveying with traveling and loading. This equipment adopts solid anti-cutting rubber tyre for traveling, front and rear axle drive meanwhile. The structure is compact and the working range is large. It can load rock material from each position of the section, without blind side left. And it does not need people to assist clearing up the working section, which lighten the labor intensity. The operation platform in driving cab is equipped with all kinds of system instrument, which is accordance with ergonomics. The equipment has dual powers, one is motor and the other is diesel engine. It is equipped with automatic hydraulic cable reel.

Introduction of parts.(Description of configuration)

Hydraulic System

The whole system adopts German Relex hydraulic system to ensure the working stability of equipment.

The flow characteristic curve gradient is adjustable by regulating the pump, so it can work under working condition with high sea level.

The power of oil pump can be regulated to the power of diesel engine. No mater what working condition, it can meet the demand of diesel engine power, reduce oil consumption and emission.

The volume distribution system has no relationship with loading, but only has relationship with opening proportion of main valve. It won't change the harmony but only change speed.

The valve core of SX valve is tailor made according to the request of equipment, which can make sure the oil cylinder not absorb air under any conditions and ensure harmony among each actions.

Working Boom

It can fit in with the demand of different tunnel sections by adjusting the equipment easily through changing the big arm and small arm at working site. So it can work for different tunnel sections.

The independent portal frame connects with the conveyor trough directly, which shortens the distance between central of rotation of working arm and loading position. And so the arm works best within the working range, and meanwhile the arm can work high to remove danger.

The base plate, sideboard and stiffening plate of wear resistant type bucket are all imported wear resistant material. It decreases the friction resistance of skirt board. Lower the loss, so it improves the durability of bucket. The bucket teeth use the specified forging material of excavator. It is easy to change.

The working arm adopts box type design with big section. All the main stressed parts are strengthened. The stress concentrated area are all welded with thick steel plates. The function is more stable when the rock material is very hard.

The frequency of the working arm is high. The impact force is big, which makes the pin roll hole of working arm is easy to become deformed. And so it will cause the whole portal frame to be damaged easily. After many years' experience, Zhongrun increase the steel bushing at the fixed part of working arm, which can project it because when the working arm is damaged, only changing the steel bushing is ok, but no need to change structure parts of the whole arm frame.


Front and rear axle adopts wet brake which meets the requirement of mining safety.

The traveling speed depends on the angle of footplate.

It is equipped with accumulator of traveling brake and parking brake, to ensure the brake ability while cutoff.

The traveling motor is equipped with Relex balance valve special for traveling. It can reduce the impact of inertia load, which can protect the traveling parts well.

The imported Italian CARRARO axle is optional.

Conveyor Trough

The design of super wide shovel mouth and push plate on both sides controlled by cylinder realize good pushing and gathering the rock material.

According to the size of reversed loader, we can make special conveyor trough by heightening the discharging height and lengthen the discharging distance, to meet reversing effect, improve mucking efficiency.

It is welded by high rigidity material. And meanwhile it uses imported wear resistance or Chinese brand NM500 to improve lifetime. The distinctive theory of arch shape of the whole conveyor base plate ensure conveyor transport the rock material normally when the hardness f≦ 18°.

Based on years of field experience, Zhongrun has designed six types of scraper to adapt different tunnel conditions.

Driving Room

It have features of easy operation, flexible control, reliable function and wide field of vision in full range. The driving ceiling is made with steel plate with high strength, so it is strong and safe, and has high anti-loading and FOPS ability. The operation platforml is equipped with all system instrument, which is accordance with ergonomics.

Cable Reel

It is equipped with automatic cable reel, so it can retract and lay easily, which saves labor and improve safety.

Diesel Engine Power

It is equipped with diesel engine for traveling. So it is easy for equipment to transit quickly and flexibly.

The diesel engine can also supply power to excavate some time, but few time.

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