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Description of Level Surface Crawler Mucking Loader:

Crawler mucking loader is a continuous rock loading equipment with high efficiency. It is mainly used in coal mine, metal mine, hydro-power tunnel and other underground tunneling project. The tunnel section is up to 2x2 meters, and slope max.33 degree.

The loader moves forward by crawler, collect the rocks with bucket and shovel into the conveyor. The conveyor than transport the rocks and dump into the mining wagons, shuttle cars or dumping truck. The bucket can also remove dangerous rocks top of the tunnel, and excavate the ditch.

Main characteristics; fully hydraulic control system, reduced voltage starting, better for long tunnel construction. Pilot valve control the main actions, easy for operation; stable and no compact during working; Imported main configurations; Multichannel oil filter; air cooling radiator; full section of rock loading, without manual cleaning; scraper chain conveyor, stable and powerful for rock transport; Semi closed assembling, easy for maintenance.

Features of Level Surface Crawler Mucking Loader:

Hydraulic System

1. Main parts are well known supplier from China and abroad.

2. Two stage control, easy operation.

3. High power air cooling radiator.

4. Precision filters control oil pollution.

Working Arm

1. Gantry connected with conveyor, wide working range.

2. Teeth, side board and enhanced board are Hardox wear resistant material.

3. Box type design arm, stable and reliable.

4. Sleeve to protect the moving part, easy to replace.


1. High track shoes, improve the climbing ability and the traveling stability.

2. Box type design, bending and torsion resistance.


1. Hardox wear resistant bottom plate, arcuate design better for rock conveying.

2. Duckbill type shovel month, improve rock collect and conveying.

3. Six types of scraper suitable for different tunnel conditions.

Driving Room

Easy operation, flexible control, reliable working and safe seated.

Types of Level Surface Crawler Mucking Loader:
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