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Track Mucking Loader
Description of Track/Rail Mucking Loader

Track/Rail mucking loader is new, efficient and energy-saving tunnel loader manufactured by Siton. This kind of mucking loader integrates advanced technology from home and abroad. This mucking equipment is suitable for drivage of roadway with rail. It is mainly applied in mine, railway tunnel, national defense, water conservancy and other projects.

Features of Track/Rail Mucking Loader

1. The Track Mucking Loader, or tracked haggloader, can work continuously to excavate, take the rock residue, and transport materials to the Shuttle Mining Car and other transshipment equipment. The conveyor can discharge the rock into the auto dumper, Shuttle Mining Car, side-dumping car, belt conveyor, skip, etc.

2. We can install hydraulic hammer to break, repair and blast the huge rock and coal sheet on the roadway baseplate or the bottom of the side-panel.

3. The working surface of this Track Mucking Loader, or mining track loader, can be cleaned automatically by itself.

4. With a human-centered design, this tracked haggloader adopts the air cooling equipment in the hydraulic system which helps us save a lot of manpower and money.

Advantages of Track/Rail Mucking Loader

1, Our new type mucking loader solves high oil temperature of hydraulic system caused by long time operating. This improvement prolongs service life of hydraulic component as well as enhances equipment reliability.

2, In the aspect of physical design, our track/rail wheel mucking loader integrates functions of excavator, loader and bulldozer, so it highly improves working efficiency.

3, Our track/rail wheel mucking loader perfectly integrates technology of optical, mechanical, electric and hydraulic, which achieves great improvement in energy saving, security, environment protection, efficiency, automation and other integrated performance.

4, This type of mucking loader(continous ) is configured with quick coupler, which realizes fast switch of bucket and quartering hammer within one minute. With quick coupler, the operating mechanism is suitable for tunneling rock strata with different hardness.

5, The chasis employs original imported planetary reduction hydraulic motor driven crawler walking mechanism, which features compact structure and flexibility.

6, The track mucking loder, rail mucking loader can work in big slope inclined shaft with water. It can complete whole section excavating and mucking operation without dead angle. Besides, mucking task can be finished thoroughly without human assistance.

Types of Track/Rail Mucking Loader
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