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Concrete Sprayer CPS25/CPS30
Concrete Sprayer CPS25/CPS30
Standard Features
Main Technical Parameter

Standard Features of Concrete Sprayer CPS25/CPS30:

The vehicular Concrete Sprayer is a new generation of equipment, which has synthesised the technology of domestic and foreign Concrete Sprayer. It has solved the shortage that the tranditional small model of Concrete Sprayer can not spay concrete well in long and big tunnel. And it has greatly improved the working enviroment for workers in the tunnel.

Thanks to it, workers can construct higher efficiency, reduce concrete consumption, and grarantee the construction quality. It works with dual working system. Low carbon emission can meet the practical environmental protection idea. So it is the best choice for the tunnel construction of hydropower project, railway tunnel, road tunnel and so on.

1. Strong motility, easy transition, which can work for several sections meanwhile.

2. It is eequipped with electrical system with strong adaptability and high reliability.

3. The manipulator arm works flexiblely. The coverage area is big, without blind area left.

4. The quick-setting additive automatically matches with volume of concrete, so it reduce the consumption of quick-setting additive.

5. The maximum The maximum injection quantity is 30 /25 cubic meters per hour. The comprehensive rebound rate can be controlled no bigger than 15%.

6. It has high rate of quantity and price. It has strong durability, easy to maintain and easy to purchase the spareparts.

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