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After-sales Service:

After-Sales Service Team:

1. We offer site investigation and comprehensive service in the complete process. Considering the applied technology and economic factors, reasonable construction schemes and corollary equipments for our machines, like Shuttle Mining Car, road header, crawler jumbo and muck loader, are offered to our clients.

2. We provide thorough technical assistance for our machines, like muck roader, Shuttle Mining Car, road header and crawler jumbo. The mountings can be changed free of charge in the warranty period.

3. We help our clients to conduct some site technical training, provide some characteristic services for key projects, afford some technical exchange chances, carry out some major maintenance service, and establish some thorough product files.

4. The domestic delivery time is 20 days while the abroad delivery time is 45 days.

5. The OEM service of the underground mining machinery is offered.

After-Sales Process:

A. Cargo container ( Disassembly );

B. Shipment;

C. Equipment's assembly and testing;

D. The operators training of operating and maintaining;

E. The operating and training in the tunnel.

After-Service Cases

Taking foreign clients to visit working site of DWI-31N single boom wheel drilling jumbo.

Install and debug the equipments(mucking loader and shuttle car) in thailand working site.

Install and debug the mucking loader and LHD scooptram loader in Columbia working site.

With a view to the particularity of the industry, we pay more attention to the considerate after-sale service. There is a modern warehouse in the base company, we can offer spare parts to you anytime. We train servicemen every year which can make sure your equipments share professional service in time, we also can offer the training for the driver.