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Complete Tunneling Program

Program 11: Mining mucking loader + gantry second conveyor +mining car (group) +locomotive.

Complete Tunneling Program

Description of Complete Tunneling Program:

In the program, Tunneling performed aiming at the relatively small sections; the main characteristics are that gangues are loaded in the mining cars continuously; the advantages to load gangues continuously are fully display; simultaneously the speed of loading mining car is greatly improved, so that the gangue loading efficiency is improved. The program is simple and the investment is small, but the gangues can not be stored.

Typical Cases:

Heilongjiang Qitaihe Tianshun Coal Mine

Sichuan Guangwang Group (Fuli Coal Mine)

Chongqing Energy Investment Mining (Yanjing No.1 Mine)

Chongqing Tianfu Coal Mine Co., Ltd. (Sanjiang No.1 Mine)

Shandong Dongping Wanda Mining Co., Ltd. (Iron Mine)

Program 12: Mining mucking loader +Mining car (group) +Locomotive.

Complete Tunneling Program

Description of Complete Tunneling Program:

The program is suitable for tunnels with small sections and single rail; a switchyard shall be provided; Mining cars are transported to the mucking loader for loading one by one; although the speed is slow, the cost is low; the site equipment can be fully used.

Typical cases:

Sichuan Jiayang Group (Lugou Coal Mine)

Inner Mongolia Baotou (Yudazhong Mine)

China's coal mine fifth construction company 5th Agency

Sichuan Bashan Coal Mine Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Zigong Rongxian Chengda Coal Industry Group

Inner Mongolia Erdos (Selian Mine)

Program 13: Mining car + Single (multi-) shuttle mining car(s) + storage bin.

Complete Tunneling Program
Complete Tunneling Program

Description of Complete Tunneling Program:

A set of gangue draining system is shared aiming at multi-working faces. Transshipment cycle time of tunneling work face is long, which caused in short supply and restricted tunneling speed, For the above phenomenon,one or more large shuttle mining car (s) is/are arranged under the storage bin to act as the storage bins; the gangues are continuously and vertically discharged into the tramcar group through the shuttle tramcar, so that the working efficiency and the tunneling speed are improved, and the labor intensity is reduced.

Typical cases:

Anhui Hengyuan Coal and Electricity Power (Hengyuan Coal Mine, Qianyingzi Coal Mine, Renlou Mine, Qidong Mine)

Shandong Zaozhuang Mining Group (Xinan Coal Mine)

Sichuan Dazhu Coal Industry and Electricity Power Co., Ltd.

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